Soul Stitching: Engage the Hand and Free the Mind

Hand and Soul

Soul Stitching for Stress Reduction is perfect for caregivers, spouses, parents, and others who give themselves and their souls to those they love and care for daily. It can take a lot to do this work, and the soul suffers if it is not given some space to replenish. Soul Stitching helps refill the well, rebuild the psyche, and mend the rough places in the soul.

Studies show that repetitive hand motions help reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and free up your mind to do much-needed thinking. Slow Stitching engages the hand and frees the mind. Soul Stitching also includes simple stress-reduction techniques that can be done anywhere, writing, breath exercises, and mindfulness.

Classes start in Hancock in September, and are also available as a group program for workplaces.