Soul Stitching Workshops to Reduce Caregiver Stress

Soul Stitching Stress Reduction: classes begin soon

Kate Dean, MFA  and Certified Holistic Health Coach

ArcoIris Studio, Hancock Professional Building, 15 Forest Road, Hancock, NH

Simple straight stitch

A place for caregivers to learn simple stress reduction techniques including simple hand stitching (I promise: no rules! No right or wrong, just you and thread and a needle, discovering), breathwork, mindfulness, and nutrition.  Join a supportive group of caregivers, and have some fun. All materials provided – just bring yourself!

Repetitive motions of the hand  have been shown to reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and free up the mind to do much-needed thinking. A safe and closed group for what is often an isolating profession. Sign up below for the next available class, and tell me what days and times are best for you:


Health Coaching Comes to ArcoIris Studio

Hello to all of my clients and customers! I have brought my health coaching into my studio practice, and combined KateDeanHealthCoach with KDeanArcoIris to make a site that will talk about both. My health coaching is about the body, of course, but so is my artwork. My thesis talk was all about how we experience art with the body. I now bring together what I had thought were two separate aspects of my work, in one of those “felt-sense” Aha! moments, and am delighted to discover this truth.

Soul Stitching classes are starting in September, especially for caregivers or others who give their souls to help other people (nurses, firefighters, teachers, spouses, parents). We’ll practice unobtrusive stress reduction techniques you can take with you anywhere, do some writing to understand what’s going on under the surface, and slow stitching to lower blood pressure and heart rate and free up the mind to do some much-needed thinking. Classes are small, supportive, and private, a place where you can be yourself and know that what’s here stays here.